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ALERT: Dangerous, Outdated Circuit Breaker Panels


Outdated circuit breaker panels made by Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Sylvania, and Pushmatic may be unsafe.

Contact Us to determine if your circuit breaker is a fire hazard. These outdated panels can be unsafe and should be replaced due to major tripping issues. They tend to cause fires (even in the walls away from the breaker panel) because of overheating and melting as a result of failing to trip.

Warning Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Replacement

Warning Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Replacement

It can be extremely dangerous to leave outdated or damaged electrical panels untreated. Here are the signs you need an electrical panel replacement.

Electricity has become an absolute necessity in today’s society, though things can take a turn for the worse quickly if your wiring starts to fail. Electrical fires and other serious accidents can take place if you don’t pay attention to your electrical system’s warning signs.

What are some signs that you have an outdated electrical panel and when should you get an electrical panel replacement?

If you are concerned about the state of your electrical system, don’t worry. Here are some warning signs to look out for if your outlets are acting up.

Frayed Wiring

Frayed or loose wiring is a very serious issue that you should look out for. Damaged wires pose a fire and shock hazard to their surroundings; if you notice wear and tear on any wires, you should call an electrical panel replacement company right away.

Dimming Lights

While there are occurrences where your home’s power may flicker on and off, if the lights in your home regularly go out at random, then you likely have an electrical issue on your hands. Your circuits may be outdated and unable to handle your home’s energy needs.

Tripped Breakers

Resetting your breakers isn’t out of the norm for most homes. Storms and obstructed power lines can cause your power to fail. However, if you find yourself constantly walking to your circuit breaker to flip them back on, you may have a deeper issue on your hands.

Your breaker “trips” in response to power surges, which is helpful during a serious storm. Unfortunately, if your home is consuming more power than your circuit is used to, it may “trip” when it shouldn’t. Updating your electrical panel should help to mitigate the problem!

Strange Odors

Have you noticed a burning smell originating from an outlet or near your breaker box? This is a sign that something is seriously wrong. You should call a professional electrician immediately if you smell anything burning in your home, especially if it’s near an outlet!

Smoke or Discoloration Around the Outlet

As with burning smells, noticing smoke or discoloration around one or more outlets in your home is a serious warning. Your outlet is overheating and could be well on its way to forming an electrical fire.

Unplug all of your electronics from that outlet, as well as other nearby outlets to be safe while you wait for an electrician to arrive. This can prevent further damage to your electrical system.

Strange Noises

Some wiring problems can be hard to spot since they’re behind your walls. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear the issues starting long before you can see them.

Have you noticed popping or sizzling sounds behind your walls? Has one of your light fixtures been making peculiar noises? If so, faulty wiring may be to blame.

Warm Electrical Panel

Outlets and electrical panels should be cool to the touch. An overheating electrical panel or outlet is the result of faulty wiring and should be handled with caution. Your electrical panel is built to regulate heat to protect its inner mechanisms; if it can’t regulate heat properly, you’ll be dealing with further, more serious issues later.

Sparks When Using Outlets

A very clear sign that something is wrong is if one of your outlets blows, emitting sparks when you attempt to plug something into it. This will cause the outlet to become nonfunctional. If one of your outlets sparks like this, you should call a professional electrician for help immediately to avoid a fire hazard.

How Long Can My Electrical Panel Last?

One final determining factor for whether or not you should get an electrical panel replacement is the overall age of the panel. Your electrical panel is built to last for about 40 to 60 years; if your panel is any older than that, it’s likely due for replacement.

It’s important to get a replacement for old electrical wiring sooner rather than later. The older your wiring is, the more likely you are to fall victim to an electrical fire or another serious issue.

If you are uncertain how old your electrical panel is, consider when the house itself was built, as well as any renovations that have been done to the home. If your home was built in the ’60s or sooner, you might want to have your wiring checked out by a professional.

Why Call an Electrician for Electrical Panel Replacement?

You may be wondering to yourself if you can just repair your wiring issues on your own. Calling an electrician may seem like a hassle and a waste of money, especially if the problem doesn’t seem too severe. However, you should never try to repair an electrical issue on your own!

Faulty wiring can pose serious risks to your health and to your home; dealing with frayed wires or faulty outlets improperly can lead to electrocution or spark a fire, leading to serious injury. An electrician has the necessary tools and knowledge to handle any electrical panel repairs you need.

Personal injury isn’t the only reason you should call an electrician. Your electrical panel is built up of many moving parts with their own purposes, and it’s easy to make a mistake while trying to repair it. This can cost you more money later on trying to fix your own mistakes.

Avoid Electrical Disasters Before they Happen

It’s best to always call an electrician for assistance with electrical panel replacement or repair the moment you notice something is wrong. End your worrying and stress over your home’s electrical system today!

Are you concerned about the state of your home’s electrical panel?

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